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Royal Rose craft certified organic, Maine made simple syrups and drink mixes capture flavor straight from the farm! By using whole ingredients, and no preservatives or artificial flavors, each syrup makes for an incredibly rich experience.


"viscous, vibrant and made from organic ingredients" -The New York Times

Topher Mallory and Matt Page, the brand-new co-owners of Royal Rose, both remember their first taste of a Royal Rose cocktail. Out at one of his favorite spots, Buzz Maine, Matt ordered a cocktail, took one sip, and grabbed the bartender before he could walk away. “The intensity and purity of the flavors, aromas and colors blew me away,” Topher explains. “I had to know how they had distilled so much taste into just a few teaspoons.”


Turns out, the small-batch, locally sourced, certified organic syrups were simmering just 20 minutes down the road in Maine. Royal Rose Syrups was founded by husband-and-wife team Emily and Forrest in Brooklyn and had moved operations to Brunswick, Maine in 2012. When Matt and Topher stopped by the shop in 2016 to see the Royal Rose kitchen for themselves, they had one goal in mind: to make Royal Rose the exclusive syrup in the tasting room of their own company, Split Rock Distilling in Newcastle.


The two companies shared a commitment to sustainability, authenticity, and extraordinary quality. “Royal Rose Syrups were the perfect pairing for our organic, grain-to-glass whiskeys, vodkas, bourbons and gins,” Topher says. “With Royal Rose, every single element in a cocktail can have the same quality, sustainability, and attention to detail. Other mixers muddied or masked the flavors we had worked so hard to create. Royal Rose reveals the true spirit.”


Over the past year, the two companies forged a stronger connection, collaborating on recipes, cocktails, and sharing sourcing, suppliers, and more than a few friendly drinks. So when Emily and Forrest decided to pursue new adventures in 2018, it felt right to entrust Royal Rose to Topher and Matt. The Royal Rose staff supported the transition and stayed on to keep everything running smoothly. Topher and Matt are not changing anything but they are determined to offer even more of a good thing: short-run seasonal syrups, regional flavors, larger bottle sizes, and more to the Royal Rose product line.   

“We already live the small-batch life,” says Matt. “Royal Rose bottles fit perfectly alongside our barrels. We respect the history, we savor the recipes, we see the possibilities, and we will keep Royal Rose the company its customers care so much about.”




Will the product stay the same? 

YES. The name, recipes, packaging, raw ingredients, process, employees, and passion—it is all staying the same. 


Why did the business change ownership? 
Having made something so wonderful, Emily and Forrest want to move onto to something new. We can't wait to see what they do next, and we are so honored that they sought out us as a buyer. We appreciate the business, we understand how to operate it properly, and we are eager to develop its tremendous potential.


Will Emily and Forrest help with the transition to keep the continuity?  

This one is easy—they already have! We just completed a carefully designed, overlapping transition to ensure no interruption to product availability. Royal Rose employees are staying on, support the sale and are so positive about the future under our management.


Geographically, did anything change? 
Not really. The business migrated about 15 miles further north along the Maine coast into a larger facility that is already operational, organically certified, and capable of double the production capacity at the same small-batch size.


What changes are in the works? 

No major changes are planned in the short term. That said, we will be actively seeking customer feedback to identify how we can create additional value for you. What is on your wishlist? We want to know!


After all, as a loyal Royal Rose customer, you are our first priority. And as former customers ourselves, we know what we love about Royal Rose and we take our new responsibilities seriously. Don't hesitate to let us know how we can help. 


The Royal Rose phone number and email addresses will stay the same, but we did add a 207 dialing option being proudly Maine made!